The Coalition for a Healthy Calgary is calling on Calgary City Council to pass a bylaw in 2008 that will phase out the use of unnecessary pesticides on public and private lands in Calgary.

Other campaigns to have pesticides phased out use the terms “non-essential” or “cosmetic” in place of the term “unnecessary”  pesticides. These terms basically all have the same meaning.

This is how the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary is defining and using the following terms:

Pesticide: synthetic chemical substances used to control pests. This includes herbicides (for killing plants), insecticides (for killing insects), fungicides (for controlling fungus on plants),
and rodenticides (for killing rodents).
Note: Exceptions to the pesticide definition include synthetic derivatives of natural substances, such as pyrethrins.

Pests: any injurious, noxious or troublesome insect, fungus, weed, rodent, or other plant or animal.

Unnecessary use of pesticides
or unnecessary pesticides: the use of pesticides on lawns, gardens and green spaces for aesthetic purposes.
This does not include pesticide use:
• for agriculture, or if pests pose a threat to local agriculture
• for pests that pose a health threat
• to control invasive species of plants where an effective alternative does not exist

Aesthetic purposes: to look good or beautiful.

Private lands: land that is privately owned.

Public lands
: land that is owned by the City of Calgary.

Synthetic chemical: a chemical produced by artificial synthesis.

Active Ingredient: that ingredient of a pesticide that actually controls the targeted pest.