Volunteer Opportunities

We are a completely volunteer organization at this time. Your volunteer contribution can make a difference.

Please email us at volunteer@healthycalgary.ca  (except where otherwise noted below) and explain what time and talents you can contribute and what tasks you would like to help with.

Here are tasks we need volunteers for:

Go to Election Events - MOST IMPORTANT TASK!

We need people to go to election events (e.g. candidates forums) during the municipal election campaign (Sept. 17-Oct. 15th) to go to the microphone and ask the candidates if they support a pesticide bylaw. You could also hand out postcards that people can send to Aldermen and hold up a banner for the cause.

You can do this on your own - AND if you want to know about election events, then go to the sign-up page, go to the middle of the page and sign-up for the Ward email list so you will be notified. Click here to sign-up.


We need some help with the research part of putting together press releases.

Info table/booth/flyering - Coordination and Staffing

We need people to staff our information booth at events and to hand out flyers at places like organic food stores. Email booth@healthycalgary.ca

Outreach Committee

We need people to contact organizations and experts who could endorse and otherwise support  the campaign and send out our campaign introductory email to their lists.


We need some help contacting advertisers for the web-site. Email webmaster@healthycalgary.ca.

Volunteer Coordinator. We could also use an overall volunteer coordinator.

Thank you for considering volunteering to make the pesticide bylaw a reality!