Sample Email to Send to Your Email List

Please send the email below - or your own version of it - to your email list and encourage them to send it to their list!


I want to let you know about an exciting new campaign - to phase out the use of unnecessary pesticides in Calgary - on private and public lands.

 A new group - The Coalition for a Healthy Calgary- has a great web-site that is action-oriented and information-based, including information on:
•  why pesticides should be phased out (health, environment, etc.)
•  how to use natural landscaping practices instead of pesticides
•  actions you can take to make Calgary pesticide-free!
 and more . . .

The campaign is to have Calgary City Council pass a bylaw in 2008 that will phase out the use of unnecessary pesticides on private and public lands in Calgary.  The group wants to make the passing of a pesticide bylaw an issue for the upcoming City election in October 2007.

Important actions you can take now to support the campaign are:
• Contacting your Alderman
• Sending this email to your email list
• Signing up on the group’s email list and database on their web-site so you can stay informed of campaign actions to take.

Go to  Act now! Let’s make a healthier future for Calgary!

Click here to download a text document of this sample email.