Pesticide Definition

Definitions employed by the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary.

synthetic chemical substances used to control pests. This includes herbicides (for killing plants), insecticides (for killing insects), fungicides (for controlling fungus on plants), and rodenticides (for killing rodents).

Note: Exceptions to the pesticide definition include synthetic derivatives of natural substances, such as pyrethrins.

any injurious, noxious or troublesome insect, fungus, weed, rodent, or other plant or animal.

Cosmetic use of pesticides
or cosmetic pesticides:
the use of pesticides on lawns, gardens and green spaces for aesthetic purposes. This does not include pesticide use:
  • for agriculture, or if pests pose a threat to local agriculture
  • for pests that pose a health threat

concerned with the appreciation of beauty

Private lands:
land that is privately owned.

Public lands
land that is owned by the City of Calgary.

Synthetic chemical:
a chemical produced by artificial synthesis.

Active Ingredient:
that ingredient of a pesticide that actually controls the targeted pest.