Contact Aldermen

  • Politicians respond best to personal letters.
  • Handwritten letters are great. Send by fax or snail mail. 
  • Phone calls are valued too, although having a record in writing is best.

Suggestions to get you started for a letter, fax, email or a phone call:

1.    Who: state who you are and where you live, e.g. I am a resident of Brentwood
2.    What: action you want them to take - support the passing of a bylaw that will phase-out cosmetic pesticide use in Calgary
3.    Personalize: if you have time, add why it’s important to you – (see our Why section for inspiration)
4.    A question: ask the Alderman if they will support the pesticide bylaw.
    If not, why not, and what would convince them to support it.

Click here for our Alderman Report page where you can see what your Alderman has said so far about supporting a pesticide bylaw.

Sample Letter

If you're not inspired to use your own words, here's a sample letter you can copy. Please change the wording (except on what the bylaw is about) to make it personal to you.

[your name, address, phone number]

Dear [Name of Alderman],

I am a resident of [community].

I support City Council passing a bylaw that will phase out the use of cosmetic pesticides on private and public lands in Calgary.

I want cosmetic pesticides phased out because of the health risks that pesticides pose, to humans, pets, wildlife, and especially to children.  There are other effective natural alternatives to managing landscapes versus the use of poisons designed to kill. In the long run the use of pesticides is not sustainable as pesticide resistances force the use of stronger and more potent toxins to achieve the desired affect .

Will you support a pesticide bylaw when it is brought before Council? If not, why not? What would it take to convince you to support a pesticide bylaw?

Thank you for your consideration,


[your name]

Click here for another great example of a letter written by a citizen to the Mayor of Okotoks.

Who is your Alderman?

To find out who your Alderman is, click here or on the  ward map.

How to Contact your Alderman

Ward 1 -    Dale Hodges -268-2445
Ward 2 -    Gord Lowe - 268-2430
Ward 3 -    Jim Stevenson - 268-2430
Ward 4 -     Bob Hawkesworth -268-2430
Ward 5 -     Ray Jones - 268-2430
Ward 6 -    Joe Connelly – 268-1646
Ward 7 -    Druh Farrell -  268-2475
Ward 8 -    John Marr -268-1627
Ward 9 -    Joe Ceci -268-2430
Ward 10 -  Andre Chabot -268-2430
Ward 11 -  Brian Pincott -268-2430
Ward 12 -  Ric McIver - 268-2478
Ward 13 -  Diane Colley-Urquhart-268-1624
Ward 14 -  Linda Fox-Mellway – 268-2430

Office of the Aldermen
The City of Calgary, P.O. Box 2100, Stn. M, Calgary, T2P 2M5

FAX:  268-8091 or 268-3823.

The following Aldermen may need convincing (i.e. letters):

Dale Hodges is an influential member on City Coucil
Gord Lowe,
Ray Jones,
Andre Chabot,
Linda Fox-Mellway
Ric McIver is Chair of the Utilities and Environment Committee

Click here for the Alderman Report page on what Aldermen are saying so far about supporting a pesticide bylaw.

It’s most important to contact the Alderman who represents your area, but when it comes to a City Council vote, it will take a majority of Aldermen to pass a bylaw. So please take a little extra time to contact all of the Aldermen.

Click here for more contact information for Aldermen (phone, email, address) and a listing of communities within their wards.

Send a Copy of your Letter, Fax, or Email to  CHC for tracking purposes at:

Mail copies to:           Coalition for a Healthy Calgary
                                     Box 72096
                                     R.P.O. Glenmore Landing
                                    1600 - 90th Ave. S.W.
                                    Calgary, AB
                                    T2V 5H9

Call 311 to Register your Concern about Pesticide Use

If you are concerned about spraying call 311 with the following information:
Date, Time, Location, Method of application (broadcast spraying, wand or spot spraying, etc). 

Other useful information could include temperature, wind speed and/or precipitation.  Generally pesticides should not be sprayed if the temperature is above 80F, winds greater than 10km/hr, before or after a rain event.

The City tracks these calls and passes the information on to the Parks Department and to Aldermen in a report each quarter of the year.

Thank you for taking the time to help make Calgary a healthier place to live and grow in!

Click here for more actions you can take to support a pesticide bylaw.