Act Locally

There is lots of information in the How To Go Natural - Yards section on how to have a beautiful yard without using unnecessary pesticides. Here are other actions you can take to help make your community healthier too.


Start the process of making your local park pesticide-free. Host a party in your park June 10th to support a pesticide-free Calgary bylaw.

Your Yard

Put a Pesticide-Free Yard sign in your yard to encourage others. Contact Brian Pincott at to order one for free.

Your School

Contact Facility and Grounds Maintenance at the Calgary Board of Education at 214-1144 to work with them to have your school go without pesticides.

Your Block

Take up the challenge of the pesticide-free block! Let us know how many yards in your local neighbourhood are using natural landscaping practices rather than pesticides. Print out one of our brochures and distribute them to your neighbours to encourage them to use natural landscaping practices rather than pesticides. Read more . . .

Your Landlord

Print out our brochure and take it to, or email it to, the landlord of your rental accommodation or of your commercial building. Contact your condominium Board of Directors. Encourage them to use natural landscaping practices rather than pesticides. 

Brochure front - pdf to print out
Brochure back - pdf to print out

Community events

Invite us to have a table or booth at your community event. We’ll have brochures, petitions, and other information available. Email us at

If you haven’t already contacted your Alderman, click here. It’s the most important action you can take.

Click here to sign up on our emaillist and database.