About Us

Who is involved in The Coalition for a Healthy Calgary?

We are a coalition of citizens, health care professionals, scientists, landscaping and horticultural professionals, and health and environmental organizations. We incorporated as a non-profit society as of April 2007.

Our funding began with a generous donation from a private donor. We are currently entirely run by volunteers and funded by private donations, membership fees and web-site ads.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Robin McLeod
Gerald Wheatley
Cindy Tuer
Sierra Love

A list of Endorsing Organizations and Individuals for the Pesticide Bylaw Campaign are provided  in the link (above) or to the menu on your left.

History of the Pesticide Bylaw Campaign

Individual citizens and various groups have been asking City Council to pass a bylaw to phase out unnecessary pesticide use in Calgary for at least 15 years. The Sierra Club - Chinook Group led the initiative to bring a pesticide bylaw to Council on 1999. This resulted in the Pesticide Sub-Committee of the Environmental Advisory Committee for the City of Calgary being formed to work on reducing pesticide use in Calgary. This Sub-Committee is still meeting a few times a year and has Parks Department staff, a Garden Centre owner, a Sierra Club representative, and a Calgary Horticultural Society representative.

After 1999, the Sierra Club - Chinook Group started a campaign to educate Calgarians about pesticide risks and how to use natural alternatives. Over 4000 Pesticide-free yard signs, with the distinctive ladybug logo, have been given out to Calgarians who pledge to refrain from using pesticides on their yard.  Pamphlets, stickers, bookmarks and magnets have also been given out with the ladybug logo. A web-site was developed - www.pesticidefreeyards.org.

(If you want to order a pesticide-free yard sign, contact info@sierraclubchinook.org)
The Sierra Club - Chinook Group web-site is www.sierraclubchinook.org.

The Coalition for a Healthy Calgary arose from the work of the Sierra Club on the pesticide bylaw campaign. We are a separate organization now and continue to work with the Sierra Club as we do with other organizations, such as the Arusha Centre.

Organizations & Bodies Which Support Pesticide Bylaws

• Canadian Cancer Society
• Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
• Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
• David Suzuki Foundation
• Canadian Environmental Law Association
• Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
• Ontario College of Family Physicians
• Ontario Public Health Association
• Association of Early Childhood Educators, Ontario
• United Steelworkers of America
• Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Our Logo

The flower on our logo is the blue-eyed grass, a short (2 - 5 inches) iris that is native to Southern Alberta. It can be found in natural areas in Calgary, including Nose Hill. You have to look to find it and once you do, you won’t forget the pretty little violet flower with a yellow centre.

For more information, contact info@healthycalgary.ca.

We feel it’s time to pass a bylaw to phase out unnecessary pesticide use in Calgary.

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